Sunday, February 14, 2010


Let's just take a look at what is usually and popularly eaten during CHINESE NEW YEAR:) when they're not cooked yet!
Vietnamese kids were riding the elephant at Wat Phnom.
Lauk Yeay Penh's shrine at Wat Phnom.I heard the worshippers there call the statue inside Lauk Ta Thum- then it must be Lauk Ta Thum's shrine at Wat Phnom. Khmer lord of death and Chinese god are cooperating well to make the chinese-khmers, vitenamese-khmers well off:)Offering pork meat to the tiger statue, welcome the year of tiger:)He must be Lauk Ta Thum:) Please take care of my family and make all my wishes come true:)
I was surprised to see not only Chinese-Khmers but also many Vietnameses going to Wat Phnom today..... :-? I found this bird on the concrete path on Wat Phnom lying hopelessly as its wing is wounded. There is a tradition to free to birds at almost every worshipped places in Cambodia. Birds can be bought in different prize depending on type and size (I've never known how much exactly though). I know it's a good deed to buy the bird from the cage and free them, but I have never done that. The bird sellers tricked us by wounding the wing of the birds they sell so that they cannot fly away after being fred. It's sad but it's true that those birds are usually caught back by the sellers.
I felt so pity of the bird I found but I felt even worse when I could not do anything more to help it beside taking the bird to the shaded tree near Lauk Yeay Penh shrine. I know it's gonna die anyway :(


A newly built concrete river bank along Sisowath Quay is becoming an attractive place for Cambodian fishing enthusiasts. Some spends no more than two hours, while the others might spend either half the day or full day to go fishing there. Homemade fermented salty fish is popularly used as bait. I was told that there are different type and size of fish being caught, from 100g to 1kg. However the big fish is scarce.
I remeber 10 years ago when my brother was still into fishing, I saw many people came to the river front to fish but those fishermen, including my brother; disappeared little by little due to some construction work along the river bank.
For now, most of the construction works are finished; we have new river bank and fishing comes to its life again:)

Monday, February 8, 2010


A glimpse on the sunset over Sihanouk Ville town. Many has changed during the last 15 years.


The dock along National Road No.4, it is where we start our journey! A one hour and a half boat trip to reach Koh Sampauch. Life in the sea, I am just wondering how long do they work in the water everyday? 8h/d??
Oysters farm along the way to Koh Sampauch, it is believed that eating oysters will stimulate our libido... well well I eat them but not sure if it's working:)
Thmor Thum village, that's where our boat arrives. We need to walk another 30 minutes across the quiet but clean village and a small forest hill to reach the beach of Koh Sampauch.
Serene and wonderful view of the unspoiled beach of Koh Sampauch.
This wooden fence was put by a private chinese company who invest the money to develop the area to ban the boats and tourists from visiting the beach. The case has been compromised and the boats and tourists are allowed now but we will never know how long they will be allowed.
It's a peaceful place worth visiting:)
Peaceful and clean village well-organized for tourists! The name of the village "Thmor Thum", "Big Rock" in English, is named after the big rock on the right side of the dock."Thmor Thum" is a fishing village about an hour and half away from the dock on the National Road No.4 by boat. There are around 40 families living in the village and most of them are Khmer-Muslim. The village road connects the whole village and its visitor to the beautifully unspoiled beach of Koh Sampauch. We need to spend another 30mn walking across the small forest hill to reach beach.