Sunday, February 14, 2010


A newly built concrete river bank along Sisowath Quay is becoming an attractive place for Cambodian fishing enthusiasts. Some spends no more than two hours, while the others might spend either half the day or full day to go fishing there. Homemade fermented salty fish is popularly used as bait. I was told that there are different type and size of fish being caught, from 100g to 1kg. However the big fish is scarce.
I remeber 10 years ago when my brother was still into fishing, I saw many people came to the river front to fish but those fishermen, including my brother; disappeared little by little due to some construction work along the river bank.
For now, most of the construction works are finished; we have new river bank and fishing comes to its life again:)


  1. This is my fav shot:

    Did you a great job. I love all of your photos. They show great regular daily life of Cambodian people. Well done. Keep posting. And also congrats for your work shown in PPP. You deserve it!


  2. thanks bro... actually your blog also inspired me alot:)