Monday, February 8, 2010


The dock along National Road No.4, it is where we start our journey! A one hour and a half boat trip to reach Koh Sampauch. Life in the sea, I am just wondering how long do they work in the water everyday? 8h/d??
Oysters farm along the way to Koh Sampauch, it is believed that eating oysters will stimulate our libido... well well I eat them but not sure if it's working:)
Thmor Thum village, that's where our boat arrives. We need to walk another 30 minutes across the quiet but clean village and a small forest hill to reach the beach of Koh Sampauch.
Serene and wonderful view of the unspoiled beach of Koh Sampauch.
This wooden fence was put by a private chinese company who invest the money to develop the area to ban the boats and tourists from visiting the beach. The case has been compromised and the boats and tourists are allowed now but we will never know how long they will be allowed.
It's a peaceful place worth visiting:)
Peaceful and clean village well-organized for tourists! The name of the village "Thmor Thum", "Big Rock" in English, is named after the big rock on the right side of the dock."Thmor Thum" is a fishing village about an hour and half away from the dock on the National Road No.4 by boat. There are around 40 families living in the village and most of them are Khmer-Muslim. The village road connects the whole village and its visitor to the beautifully unspoiled beach of Koh Sampauch. We need to spend another 30mn walking across the small forest hill to reach beach.


  1. I am getting envoius now, as you have been traversed to and seen so many places recently. I love to do that too....;))

  2. Phal, first I am still single, second I decided to be a jobless man:) and third I love doing low budget travelling:) Hey any ideas for the next photo shoot???

  3. Hm... how bout taking photos of homeless people?

  4. hey can i join u guys? but can u guys make it before the end of March ? cos i need to go back to school...

  5. This is a great shot!!!