Tuesday, February 2, 2010


With my first digital camera, I took these pictures five years ago (2005) during my first trip to Rattanak Kiri, a mountainous province in the northern part of Cambodia which is home to many different hill tribe people. The man and his wife were around their 90s during that time and were the oldest couples in this Kreung's village, Krola. They both cannot speak Khmer. The ethnic minority communities possess their own unique culture, language, belief and way of life. But during the last two decades, they were undergoing significant change and transition as a result of the pressure of globalization.
I was told that this man was the only person left in the village who still could play this sort of musical instrument. The younger generation are now fond of modern music and to adapt with the new comer, mostly middle Khmer who come and make wealth out of this forest area, Kreung people unconsciously started giving up their traditional cloth and certain customs they practiced before.


  1. I always love black and white photos. A story behind, u just told us :)

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  3. yeah thanks for liking my photos, of course it would be great if I can sell:)

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